Wageme is a London based short term loans company that offers loans up to one month in duration to solve emergency cash flow issues. They have a higher than normal acceptance rate and stricter criteria to give loans that most and offer an unmatched customer service to those customers.

Wageme is a short term loan company based in London who offer solutions for short term cash flow problems. Theirs is a stricter acceptance rate than many lenders, declining two out of every three first time applicants. They also offer the highest standard of customer service to those they deal with to help them make an informed decision about the loan they are considering. Theirs is a totally transparent policy regards their charges and interest involved in the loan. Loans are available for UK residents over 18 who are working and have a bank account and the money is available within 24-48 hours.

Loan – £50-750

APR – 1,221.5% £100 for 30 days £24 interest

Loan Details

APR 1221%
Max Loan Amount 750 £
Max Loan Term 35 days
Minimum Age 18 years

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