Mobile Money

Mobile Money are an ethically run company that began trading in 1998 with logbooks loans. They are based in Redditch in the West Midlands and now have expanded throughout the country. Their logbook loans can be arranged and money provided within 24 hours.

Mobile Money started out life as a logbook lender, the first in the UK, back in 1998. The company was founded in Redditch in the West Midlands and remain British owned. The company has spread throughout the country and are now operating in Northern Ireland. They are a member of CCTA and work hard at maintaining the highest standards of customer service, as reflected in their customer reviews. Their range of logbook loans have a typical APR od 99.7% and can be processed with the money being available to the customer in 24 hours using the customer’s car as security against the money borrowed.

Loans – £500 to 25,000 over up to 12 months repayment

Loan Details

APR 99.7%
Max Loan Amount 25000 £
Max Loan Term 1 years
Minimum Age 18 years

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Mobile Money is a member of the Good Practice Charter